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traci klein


Hello, my name is Traci, and I'm a Life Coach who specializes in relationships, recovery, leadership, and boundaries. I'm super passionate about empowering individuals and helping them succeed.  I am currently pursuing a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling at Liberty University. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Christian Counseling from the same university. On top of that, I've obtained diplomas in Marriage and Family Counseling and Women's Studies from Light University.


My coaching practice is enriched by my extensive experience. I spent 13 years doing strategic planning for national clients in the corporate world, and I've received training from the renowned John Maxwell Leadership. This means I bring a unique blend of business and leadership expertise to our coaching sessions. But that's not all, I've also gone through my own personal journey overcoming trauma and divorce. Additionally, for the past 8+ years, I've been the Executive Director of a non-profit organization dedicated to helping survivors of human trafficking. These experiences have given me invaluable insights into resilience and overcoming adversity.


So, let's team up and work together! As your life coach, I'll use my wealth of experience and knowledge to guide you toward personal growth, meaningful relationships, and a fulfilled life.

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