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abby barefoot


Hi, I’m Abby Barefoot.

As a Christian life coach, my journey epitomizes the transformative power of faith, resilience, and redemption. From the loss of my mother to the abandonment by my father and the darkness of an abusive first marriage, my story is a testament to God’s healing grace. Overcoming childhood trauma that left me with PTSD, I’ve discovered strength in Christ’s love. Guided by faith, I’ve witnessed my sister’s struggle with opioid addiction, reinforcing my commitment to compassion and recovery. My own food addiction and bariatric journey underscores my holistic approach to well-being. As both a first responder’s wife and Chaplain I understand the rewards and challenges of that lifestyle. Homeschooling children with dyslexia, sensory processing issues, expressive language disorder, ADHD, and anxiety has deepened my dedication to tailored education and the nurturing of individual strengths. Committed to advocating for their needs I have developed a profound understanding of the intersection between education, therapy and individualized growth. I also leverage my personal experiences as a stepmom to help clients navigate the intricate challenges of blended family life.


I focus on empowering individuals to overcome hurdles, enhance communication, and cultivate a supportive and cohesive family environment. My approach is centered on fostering resilience and building strong connections within the unique dynamics of stepfamily relationships.


As a certified Prepare/Enrich assessment facilitator I specialize in guiding couples at any stage of their relationship journey. Whether you’re preparing for marriage, navigating challenges, or seeking to enrich an already strong bond, my expertise allows me to offer targeted guidance empowering couples to strengthen their relationships. With a heart anchored in faith and a spirit forged through adversity, I am here to guide others toward healing, resilience, and purposeful living, knowing that with God, all things are possible.

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