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the coaches

Meet The Coaches

Dr. Sonia Martin

Dr. Sonia Martin values the power and impact of coaching to help others reach their highest potential. She believes that with guided self-reflection and the right adult learning experiences, clients will build a liberating mindset that fosters personal growth and yields greater impact in their businesses and communities.


Dr. Martin is a lifelong learner and continues to pursue opportunities to enhance her knowledge and skills to remain effective. She has earned a Bachelors degree from Southern University at New Orleans in Elementary Education; a Masters Degree from NOVA Southeastern in Educational Leadership; a Masters Degree from Concordia University in Curriculum and Instruction (concentration in reading); and an Education Doctorate

Degree from NOVA Southeastern University in Organizational Leadership (Concentration in Human Development).


Dr. Martin is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, a published author, and

an educator for 25 years. She enjoys shopping and spending time with her family.

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Nakia Vargas

Nakia brings a wealth of experience to her work as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. With 20 years of service in the Marine Corps, eight years owning her own skincare business, and coaching other business owners since 2021, Nakia has seen firsthand how powerful a strengths-based approach can be when developing individuals and organizations. Her marketing and organizational management education makes her an invaluable resource for creating a more engaging and productive workplace.


Nakia was born in Savannah, GA; however, she has lived a transient lifestyle due to being a military child and later joining the military.  She has called North Carolina home since 2010.  In her spare time, Nakia enjoys reading nonfiction books, traveling, and spending time with loved ones! 






Nakia J. Vargas

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach


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Ashawndra Edwards

Financial Coaching

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Entrepreneur | Investor | Traveler
Helping YOU Create 
Multi-Generational Prosperity

Ashawndra is an entrepreneur born and raised in North Carolina. Born to entrepreneur parents she is driven by the desire to perpetuate her family's legacy by laying a solid foundation for her future family which will include her children, her children's children, and the Kingdom of God.  

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